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We are a nimble collective of craftsman with a knack for telling stories in a way that is both honest and engaging.

We have spent our professional lives honing our BS detectors in an attempt to tell stories with integrity. That approach manifest itself in all aspects of production from pitching to delivery and is independent of any particular medium or genre.

You know good when you see good, but getting there is rarely easy. That is where Craftium excels. We have told stories all over the world for brands, causes, and entertainment. We are a company of doers that prefer to get our collective hands dirty. We are grounded, lighthearted yet relentless. We are our toughest critics because making good things is hard and imperfect. Most importantly, we understand that goodness is a byproduct of inspired collaboration and detailed execution.


In short, and this is essential . . . Craftium has your back.

Ruben Fernandez